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Sticky Toffee Tray Bake Cake

This is a bit of cheats version, as you can make the sauce separately (and ahead of time) and then just combine all the gooey goodness at the last minute before serving.   Ingredients 100g butter 175g light muscavado sugar 2 large eggs 115g self-raising flour 1tsp baking powder 1tsp bicarb of soda 3tbsp black… Continue reading Sticky Toffee Tray Bake Cake

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Lazy Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie

  The dream dinner for when your hangover makes it too tricky to give much thought or effort to your planning. Accidentally made as a flat parcel, rather than in a pretty pie dish, because it wasn’t until the pasty was rolled out that I realized that we don’t actually own a nice pretty pie… Continue reading Lazy Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie

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Cracked Black Pepper Linguine with Carbonara Sauce

Nick loves to have cracked black pepper in, on, under pretty much any food you can think of. He also loves crispy bacon, so this one is for him   For the Cracked Black Pepper Linguine Follow the instructions for making Basic Fresh Pasta, but before you start to knead the dough, add a handful… Continue reading Cracked Black Pepper Linguine with Carbonara Sauce