Basic but Impressive · Pudding

NB’s Super Rich Chocolate Sauce

Fancy up pretty much any pudding with this insanely rich and utterly delicious chocolate sauce   Ingredients 175g plain chocolate ¼ pint water 1tsp instant coffee 120g sugar   Method Break the chocolate into squares and place into heavy bottomed pan with two tablespoons of water and the coffee and heat until melted Once smooth,… Continue reading NB’s Super Rich Chocolate Sauce

Plan Ahead · Unexpectedly from Scratch · Worth the Extra Effort

Flavoured Croissants

Whilst basic croissant dough can take some time to make, once it’s done, the difference between almond / chocolate / jam croissants doesn’t have to be finalised until the final stage o the process, so it’s good to keep your options open!   Basic Dough Method See the Plain Croissants recipe for ingredients and method. Work through… Continue reading Flavoured Croissants