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Classic Viccy Sponge with Vanilla Cream and Strawberries

Because there’s no such thing as too much cake!   Ingredients Cake: 6 eggs 350g caster sugar 350g self-raising flour 350g butter 2tsp baking powder Extra butter to line dishes   For the filling: Strawberry jam 1 punnet fresh strawberries 1 large pot whipping cream 1 drop vanilla essence or 1 fresh vanilla pod seeds… Continue reading Classic Viccy Sponge with Vanilla Cream and Strawberries

Plan Ahead · Unexpectedly from Scratch · Worth the Extra Effort

Flavoured Croissants

Whilst basic croissant dough can take some time to make, once it’s done, the difference between almond / chocolate / jam croissants doesn’t have to be finalised until the final stage o the process, so it’s good to keep your options open!   Basic Dough Method See the Plain Croissants recipe for ingredients and method. Work through… Continue reading Flavoured Croissants