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Citrus Cured Salmon Gravalax



1 filleted side of fresh salmon (around 900g)

2 large bunches of fresh dill


For the salt mix

250g Maldon sea salt

375g demerara sugar

4 star anise

1 tsp coriander seeds

Zest of 3 oranges

Zest 1 lime

Zest 1 lemon


For the horseradish crème fraiche (to serve)

100ml double cream

100ml crème fraiche

50g freshly grated horseradish

Juice ½ lemon


Homemade blinis to serve them on



  1. Tip all the ingredients for the salt mix into a food processor and whizz until everything is combined and the spices are completely ground
  2. Stroke your hand along the salmon fillet to check for any stray bones. If you find any, pull them out with a pair of tweezers or small pliers
  3. Lay the salmon down, skin side down, and remove the skin from the salmon fillet. Trim away any thinner parts of the fish and fat around the edges to give the fillet an even shape
  4. Scatter a third of the salt mix on a large tray, lay the salmon (skinned side down) over the salt and pack the rest of the salt on top. Cover with cling film, put another tray on top and weigh it down with a few cans. Leave in the fridge overnight or for at least 10 hours
  5. Under cold running water, wash the salt mix off the salmon fillet and dry with kitchen paper. Finely chop the dill. Lay the salmon on a board and cover with dill, pressing it down to pack it onto the salmon
  6. Thinly slice the salmon into strips
  7. To make the horseradish cream, whisk together the cream and crème fraiche. Add the horseradish, lemon juice and seasoning. Continue to whisk until thick
  8. Layer the cream and salmon onto the fresh homemade blinis and devour!



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