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Super Simple Salmon Pinwheels


Roll ‘em up and go


1 packet flour tortillas

1 large pack smoked salmon

1 jar horseradish sauce

1 large scoop of cream cheese

Handful fresh chives

Black pepper and salt to season

Juice ½ one lemon



  1. Trim the edges of the tortillas to make them a large square
  2. Lightly spread half of the tortillas (probably 3 or 4) with horseradish sauce, and spread the other three or four with cream cheese
  3. Lightly spring thinly chopped fresh chives over all the tortillas and then begin layering on the smoked salmon – aiming for equal distribution across each tortilla
  4. Season with salt and pepper, and then slowly roll each of the tortillas into a sausage
  5. With a very sharp knife, cut the assuages up into 1cm slices, and arrange on a plate, or in a box, ready to picnic!
  6. Additional lemon to drizzle is a good idea – just don’t squeeze until just ready to serve

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