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Perfect Flakey Sausage Rolls


Make them big and serve them hot. You can make the puff pastry, or you can cheat. Today, we’re cheating



1 pack of ready to use puff pastry

750g minced pork

150g lard

120g fresh breadcrumbs

2 tbs dried mixed herbs

1 tbs chopped sage

1 tbs chopped parsley

1 egg, beaten to glaze

Black pepper to season



  1. Mix the mince pork and fat in a large bowl until fully combined, then add breadcrumbs, 125ml water, herbs and seasoning. Mic with your hands until evenly blended
  2. With the puff pastry rolled out, slice into six wide, thick long slices
  3. To the bottom of each of these, pile up the pork mixture, ensuring the corners of the pastry will still close down like an envelope
  4. Once you have dished out all the filling, us the egg glaze to stick the top of the pastry to the bottom, and then crimp with a fork to seal
  5. Slash three line into the top of the rolls, and then glaze over with egg wash
  6. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the rolls onto baking paper, on a baking sheet and cook in the centre of the over for 50 minutes, until golden and bubbling
  7. Highly recommend serving these piping hot with a dash of mustard, and perhaps a beer on the side

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