Cocktail Hour

Plum Vodka


When you have a happy plum tree that just keeps bringing you more fruit, you have to start getting inventive!



450g of plums (fresh from the garden if possible)

120g caster sugar

1 litre of good quality vodka



  1. Half the plums, and then place them in a heavy bottomed pan, along with the sugar and a splash of cold water
  2. Heat the mixture until the sugar is dissolved and the plums are nicely softened
  3. Allow to cool entirely, and then add the vodka and mix through
  4. Pour the mixture into a litre kilner jar, and seal fully
  5. Store in a cool, dark place for 2 months
  6. Once ready, strain off the liquid and return to the bottle
  7. Arrange a cocktail party, and enjoy!

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