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Radish and Asparagus Burrata


Sort of a salad, sort of a sharing starter. We just love burrata (although it all works with mozzarella too).


1 large bunch of asparagus

1 large bunch of radishes

1 large ball of either burrata (or mozzarella)

Large drizzle of Balsamic glaze (or vinegar)

Large drizzle of olive oil

Three rashers of streaky bacon

Salt and pepper to season



  1. Thinly slice both the radishes and asparagus. Place these into a large bowl of iced water to crisp up further
  2. Chop the bacon into small strips and cook until crisp
  3. Cover the bottom of the serving dish with the balsamic glaze and drain off the vegetables fully
  4. If using mozzarella, slice into thick chunks and combine with the veggies mixture. Drizzle over olive oil, season and pile into the bowl in a messy arrangement
  5. If using burrata, keep the drained veggies separately from the cheese, drizzle with olive oil and pile half into the glazed bowl. Then place the burrata in the centre of the arrangement and draw a deep cross in the top to let the ball fall open. Pile the remaining veggies on top of the arrangement
  6. Sprinkle of the crispy bacon and serve



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