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Maple and Mustard Slow Cooked Pork


Slow roasted pork and lamb
Maple and Mustard Pork on the left

If you’ve got a slow cooker, and some time before dinner, this is a real treat, and a bit of a crowd pleaser. This can be done in the oven too, but that involves a bit more work and checking, and a lot more tin foil!



4.5 / 5lb pork shoulder

100g muscavado sugar

200g sea salt

100ml maple syrup

½ jar wholegrain mustard

2tbsp mustard powder

1pt pork stock



  1. Place the pork into you slow cooker and set the heat to high
  2. Mix the sugar, syrup and both mustards into a paste, and cover the pork well, then add the stock to top up the pot
  3. Cover the pot and leave it to cook steadily for 5 hours, until the meat will be falling off the bone
  4. After five hours, cool the mixture and scoop the scum from the top of the liquid. Pour the remaining liquids into a heavy bottomed pan
  5. Move the pork to a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees for around 20 minutes
  6. Meanwhile cook down the liquid in the pan over a high heat to make a sticky reduction
  7. Spoon the reduction over the pork, and return to the over for a further 30 minutes or so to make a sticky, chard crust
  8. One you have a good outer texture, remove from the over, shred the meat with two forks (it ought to fall apart easily) and serve with slaw and salads


Easy for feeding large groups, and makes great meat wraps if you want to try out the flat breads recipe too.



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