Back in the kitchen

For three glorious years Nick and I relocated to Southeast Asia, living in the sunny humidity of Singapore and spending the majority of our weekends exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and eating a ridiculous amount of local, delicious food.

Our twee little flat, nestled between bustling Little India on one side, the busy business sector of the CBD on the other and traditional Arab Street below, was perfectly located for a couple of self-confessed foodies. Our precious weekends in the city were spilt between trying out some of the amazing restaurants and hawker vendors in town, with wandering around the huge wet markets filled with fresh fruit, veggies, meats and all the spices under the sun, gathering inspiration for evenings feeding friends.

With just a two pan hob and an electric oven the size of a microwave (and about as powerful) we hosted a number of fantastic drunken dinner parties, using fresh local produce wherever we could; sometimes trying to replicate local dishes, and often adding classic British cooking into the mix. We don’t go in for fancy or fiddly presentation; we believe in big dishes, big flavours, and big cocktails.

Cooking and entertaining in Singapore was a bit of a challenge, and anything delicate like fresh bread and cakes were well and truly off the menu, but we had a great time doing what we could to whip up treats with minimal equipment or space.

We’re now back in the UK and have just bought our first house. One of the most important things on our house hunting list was a big kitchen and social entertaining space. With these essentials secured, its time for us to get cooking!

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